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Our Cloud Server Packages

Cloud - 1

  • 2 Cores Platinum             Processor
  • 4GB DDR4/ECC RAM Memory
  • 100 GB SSD/NVME Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 1 GBit Shared Internet
  • Free VPN Access
  • $55  $46/Month
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Cloud - 2

  • 4 Çekirdek Platinum               Processor
  • 8GB DDR4/ECC RAM Memory
  • 200 GB SSD/NVME Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 1 GBit Shared Internet
  • Free VPN Access
  • $110  $92/Month
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Cloud - 3

  • 8 Çekirdek Platinum                 Processor
  • 16GB DDR4/ECC RAM Memory
  • 400 GB SSD/NVME Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 1 GBit Shared Internet
  • Free VPN Access
  • $220  $184/Month
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Cloud - 4

  • 16 Çekirdek Platinum                Processor
  • 32GB DDR4/ECC RAM Memory
  • 600 GB SSD/NVME Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 1 GBit Shared Internet
  • Free VPN Access
  • $370  $308/Month
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NarDC Cloud Servers

Perfectly Redundant Hardware

The hypervisor servers, storage equipment and intermediate switches used in the

NarDC Cloud Server service are positioned as fully redundant. Your virtual server will not be shut down in all physical operations on DELLEMC specially designed servers, and in case of any failure, your virtual server will immediately restart on an available hypervisor server. With the NarDC Cloud server service, you don't have to worry about hardware failures.

Cloud Server Security

With the vlan reserved for each of our customers, your virtual server works in isolation from other users. You can keep your own virtual servers in the same vlan network, you can access your servers at high speed over the local network with 40Gbps/sec port. All of the network equipment used is fed redundantly from the backbone with 2x40Gbps/sec uplink, so the quality of your internet access is not interrupted in any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is cloud computing and cloud data center?
Cloud computing is a flexible information technology concept where services run on a common resource pool by abstracting the hardware and software infrastructures in data centers. Cloud data center is our service that creates the cloud computing infrastructure that allows you to have full control over all of them if you need more than one cloud server.
2What are the advantages of cloud data center?
Imagine a cabinet of servers actually running like a server. The ability to use as much of this large resource pool as you want, whenever you want, is possible with the cloud data center, thus reducing your costs. Thanks to its redundant infrastructure, it prevents you from being affected by hardware failures.
3How many resources are required when migrating our physical servers to the cloud?
Source analysis is a free service provided to our customers. In this service, a detailed analysis of the services you use in your business is made. Variables such as the service, software, operating system used, the current resource consumption of these software, and the number of users are collected by us. As a result of this analysis, the most suitable cloud computing solutions for your needs are projected by us for you.
4How do we move our physical servers to cloud servers?
The transfer of your services to the cloud computing environment can be done in different ways. These options are positioned in line with your needs and the transition process is planned. NarDC technical team will assist you in any transition operation.
5Can we use the cloud data center and your other services as a whole?
Sometimes hardware or additional services (Firewall, IPS, Load Balancing, etc.) that have to be included in cloud servers may be needed. It is possible to use such hybrid cloud structures in all our cloud services.
6Is VPN Access Available?
If you request, you can only enable access to your management servers via VPN and ensure their security. With NarDC VPN, we can produce solutions for you to access over Local IP.
7What is Cloud Server?
Cloud Server; It is a special server system that allows you to connect from anywhere with internet access, has high security, and stores your data in different locations. Also known as Cloud Server.
8How to Install Cloud Server?
According to the operating system you specified while renting a Cloud Server, NarDC technical team makes the necessary installations for you and delivers your Cloud Server login information to you.
9What Does Cloud Server Do?
On Cloud Server; It enables many people to connect and work at the same time, such as accounting programs, Customer Tracking (ERP) software, Production Tracking (CRM) software, Dealer Tracking software (B2B) systems, your website, your E-Commerce site and software written specifically for you. This both speeds up your operations and increases your productivity.
10Cloud Server Prices
You can reach the Cloud Server prices we have given as NarDC via this link.