Penetration Test

Penetration Test

Penetration test - Pentest should be done in order to keep the security skills of the company at the highest level, to detect and take precautions against external attacks, to keep the investment in your systems safe, and most importantly to prevent information loss that may occur due to security vulnerabilities.

Penetration Test / Pentest - Penetration Test Types

1-) BlackBox Pentest (Black Box Penetration Test); Black box penetration testing is a type of attack that is done without any knowledge of the network to be attacked.

2-) WhiteBox Pentest (White Box Penetration Test); White box penetration test is a type of penetration test performed with knowledge of all systems on the network.

3-) GreyBox Pentest (Gray Box Penetration Test); The gray box penetration test enables the analysis of the damage that an unauthorized user in the internal network can cause to the systems. Network vulnerabilities are checked against data theft, authorization escalation, and network packet loggers.

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Penetration Test / Pentest - Penetration Test Reporting

During Test
. Reporting of daily transactions at the end of the working hours
. Weaknesses and Exploits
. Access to unauthorized data, traffic anomalies

After Test
. Weaknesses found as a result of security tests and presenting solutions.
. It includes recommendations on the determination and implementation of security policies.

Confirmation Test
. After the security test is completed and the report is submitted, the institution may request a re-verification test by stating that the weaknesses have been closed. Verification test It is applied to verify whether the weaknesses detected in the security test result report are re-detected.