System and Network Monitoring

System and Network Monitoring

In today's world, the term network monitoring is widely used in the IT industry. In the network monitoring process, all network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers and VMs are monitored for errors and performance. It is a critical IT process where these components are continually evaluated to maintain and optimize their availability.

Statistics are collected from specific hosts such as Routers, Servers, switches and other important network devices or applications with network monitoring software, important data such as network traffic details, CPU values, disk usage, Up-Down status can be checked.

An important aspect of network monitoring is that it needs to be proactive. Proactively finding performance issues and bottlenecks helps identify problems in the first place. Effective proactive monitoring can prevent network outages or failures.

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Benefits of Monitoring Service

  • You can take action quickly by forwarding the alarms you receive over the threshold values ​​you set for the network devices or applications you monitor to the relevant teams.
  • With your monitoring tool, you can automatically discover your entire network. Monitors Your Vehicle Network 24/7.
  • By applying advanced network performance monitoring techniques, you can get to the root of the problem and quickly fix network errors.
  • Prevents losses caused by undetected system failures and protects it from material damage.
  • Alert you before emergencies arise.
  • Eliminates server performance issues and bandwidth bottlenecks.
  • You can have advanced reporting features by scheduling and automatically emailing or publishing reports.
  • You can proactively provide better quality service to your users.