Continuous Cyber Security Consulting

Continuous Cyber ​​Security Consulting

Cyber ​​security and information security consultancy aims to protect institutions from internal and external threats. The institution aims to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information, and the practices necessary for the correct implementation of information security policies during its transmission and storage. In order to ensure the continuity of these processes, continuous security consultancy has become a necessity during the developing technology and renewed cyber attacks.
Within the scope of cyber security consultancy, the techniques used by malicious people, also defined as "cyber attackers", the tools they use to detect vulnerabilities on the target system, the exploit codes used to hijack systems, attacks on web applications, and the psychology of attackers are discussed.

Within the scope of this service, as NarDC, we provide security consultancy services within a certain and pre-planned program within a one-year period with your institution. Within the scope of this consultancy service, which will take place once every four weeks, the existence of structures that may pose a security risk in the IT infrastructure of the institution or the possible security risks in new projects are discussed. Likewise, the log records in the security infrastructure within the institution will be analyzed and a detailed analysis of possible suspicious situations is made.

About Continuous Cyber ​​Security Consulting

Within the scope of this service, there is also the service of intervening in a possible cyber incident (information theft, blackmail, hacking, etc.) and obtaining the necessary numerical evidence to be used in solving the relevant incidents within the customer's body, analyzing these evidences and preparing the necessary reports.
As NarDC, we aim to provide all the services needed in order to ensure that the IT systems, network integrity, domains and IT operations and security services of the institutions run in an integrated structure and as accurately as possible.

Continuous Cyber Security Consulting Service

The general framework of the consultancy service, which will be provided as a result of the negotiations within the scope of cyber security consultancy, is determined in line with the requests from the customer, and the inventory of the institution and its presence on the internet are mapped by the NarDC consultant staff. Then, methods such as penetration tests, web security or local pentest are applied.