Cyber Crime Investigation Service

Cyber Crime Investigation Service

Information systems, as in all areas of life, also confront us with crime and criminal cases. Information systems, which are positioned as a key component in illuminating the events realized in the age of technology, can provide evidence of the criminal that cannot be detected through normal means when analyzed accurately and impartially.

Computer Forensics, when combined with criminal psychology and the power of technology, yields undeniable tangible evidence.

Collection of evidence by a professional team after the crime or cyber security breach in the cyber crime investigation service reveals important information and evidence about the criminal. In addition, “what else did the person or people who infiltrated the system do?”, which is often overlooked in such events. We can determine the most comprehensive answer to the question as a result of these studies.

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Cybercrime Investigation Service and Cybercrime

We've Compiled Some Cyber Crimes For You.

Internal employee threats and damages
Exposure to DDoS attack
Sending fake emails, Phishing
Information hijacking by a malicious software
Hacking or modifying the web page
Sending spam e-mails through systems
Making the company guilty by IP spoofing
Hijacking social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter
Read the e-mail accounts of company executives by others
Unauthorized removal of important company data outside the company