DoS, DDoS Tests and Protection

DoS, DDoS Tests and Protection

DDoS is a type of denial of service attack made against the accessibility leg of the security triangle, aimed at preventing the target from serving and performed from distributed sources.

The most difficult aspect of preventing DDoS attacks is to separate real user traffic and attack traffic under heavy demand.

Non-vulnerability-based attacks such as DDoS cannot be prevented by signature-based IPS systems. Many existing IPS and Firewall solutions offer two options against DDoS attacks; Block all packages above a certain limit or disable package inspection when loaded traffic arrives. Over-limit packet blocking allows attackers to achieve their goal, as it prevents real users from accessing services by blocking random packets. Disabling the analysis of the security system allows the attacker to exploit the vulnerabilities in the network.

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DoS, DDoS Yol Haritası

Having your infrastructure tested without being the target of DDoS attacks and arranging the network infrastructure under the supervision of experts are among the most important measures that can be taken at this point. We are able to test all DDoS attacks that may come to your institution by our certified experts with nine years of experience in DOS and DDOS, in real environments, using specially developed software "without using botnet and similar illegal systems".

Regular tests between 5 Mbps and 5 Gbps against all types of DDoS attacks that may come over the Internet, and reporting the status of your systems against possible DDoS attacks. DDoS tests are different from classical performance tests and are performed specifically for your institution.

This service covers services such as examining DDoS attacks during or after the attack, collecting and presenting legally necessary evidence. What needs to be done for DDoS prevention solutions can be presented to the institution as a solution proposal after the first hour of testing.